A Technology Driven Financial
Solutions & Investment Management Firm



Veracor is a new entity founded in 2018 as a collaboration between industry veterans.  Each of whom after exceptional careers in there own right had come to similar conclusions about the 100 year old financial services industry and that it is at the beginning of a massive evolution and change.  As western nations are moving from a post labor economy into a global digital economy fintech is rapidly moving towards replacing the older slower financial infrastructure.  Like the fathers of the industrial age now is the time for the fathers of the digital age.

Veracor was purposefully established to bring the talent, skill, experience and global connections to form a new age banking and financial institution.

The name itself is a reflection of this mission and core values of its founders.  The word veracor is a hybrid of two latin words “vera” and “cor”; Vera meaning-true or truth and cor meaning heart.  The name Veracor literally means true heart or truth at heart. 

As American citizens, military veterans and patriots who live by a moral code that consists of honor, integrity, personal responsibility and service to others the name Veracor was adopted unanimously by the founders.  Veracor stands for what the future of finance should be.

As stated above the founding members represent over 100+ years of combined top leadership experience in business development and expansion, securities, banking and global investment and financial management. 

Veracor is a rapidly evolving towards its mandate of being a global investment banking and management institution.


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