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Welcome to Veracor Group.
We are a global investment management firm built by industry veterans whose mission is leading change and driving innovation across key industries for maximum impact that deliver solid returns in ever changing markets.

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Global Change & the
Opportunities it Offers

The future looks very bright. All around us it seems the speed of information is compounding faster than ever. Nations are becoming a global community with like minded interests and needs. Just like the men behind the industrial age who forged one of the strongest world economies in history we are now looking at the next stage in its evolution as we move away from the post labor economy into the digital economy where information is king. America 2.0 presents tremendous opportunity as entirely new systems, processes, technology and infrastructure are disrupting every major sectors:

Leveling the
Playing Field
for All Investors

Veracor's focus is providing stabilized investment options for all investors that produce above average risk adjusted returns. Veracor invests its own capital alongside the capital it manages for fund investors and provides financing solutions and investment opportunities through its capital markets business.

A Differentiated Approach to Investing

We seek out new innovations and disruptive solutions for acquisition or partnership. With management control and oversight we help companies improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations. Ultimately, our growth-oriented model results in stronger companies that employ the best people, are socially responsible, and deliver strong returns over the long-term.  Veracor brings extensive experience and resources to help manage teams, assess and capitalize on business opportunities in the following sectors.

Med Tech

Real Estate




Building & Growing Great Companies

Veracor pioneered the value-added approach to private equity investing. We were among the first private equity firms to establish a dedicated global portfolio group staffed with operating and strategy professionals who partner with management teams. Our portfolio group, in conjunction with our investment professionals – most of whom come from strategic consulting backgrounds, form a collaborative team that enables us to create lasting impact for our portfolio companies and helps them reach their full potential.


Ethical values along with effective strategies that transcend financial prosperity with embedded tax advantage incentives.


Over 200+ years of combined top leadership in investment and financial management along with military disciplines and executions.


Merchant processing, banking solutions and full spectrum commercial insurance programs to high risk businesses.


Access to transformative and global thought-leaders through a highly curated network of industry experts.

Finding edge in global financial market places.

Vercor's proprietary trading methodologies provide liquidity and stabilized returns in global markets. We are technology-led, innovation-driven and heavily invested in developing the competencies of our people.


Empowering the Next Generation Economy

A platform and ecosystem that empowers users & businesses to build the future. Through the use of digital identities, electronic wallets, document management, a regulated stable coin and fast, cost-effective ledger, users and businesses can verifiable engage in any transaction - all more transparently, fairer and more economically than ever before.


The strategies to living life on your terms

Our offerings under Reg. D 506(c) are for accredited investors only.
Offerings under Reg. CF are for non-accredited investors.
For our current Regulation A offering, no sale may be made to you in this offering if the aggregate purchase price you pay is more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. Different rules apply to accredited investors and non-natural persons. Before making any representation that your investment does not exceed applicable thresholds, we encourage you to review rule 251(d)(2)(i)(c) of regulation a. For general information on investing, we encourage you to refer to www.investor.gov.

For our anticipated Regulation A offering, until such time that the Offering Statement is qualified by the SEC, no money or consideration is being solicited, and if sent in response prior to qualification, such money will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified. Any offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. A person’s indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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