Impact Opportunity

Introducing a groundbreaking approach to financial Index methodology. 
Back tested, our advanced algorithm’s unlock hidden alpha.  HPG’s innovations
empowered by healthcare professionals demonstrate maximum financial and social impact.

The Company

Healthcare Preferences Group will deliver new disruptive financial methodology Indexes to the marketplace  consisting  of  the  first-ever  Healthcare  Impact  Preference  Index,  branded as HIP  and a portfolio of HIP Indices to be listed on the NYSE. Simultaneously the Company intends to Sponsor and License their Indices benchmark as (ETF’s) Exchange Traded Fund’s to be listed on either  the  NASDAQ  or  NYSE  Exchange.  The  business  model  consists  of  a  proprietary  methodology with the first financial index to integrate, environmental, social and governance (ESG)  compliance  and  the  authentic  voice  of  the  healthcare  community  for  superior  ROI  &  return on social impact (ROSI) . Our proprietary methodology with big data AI also screens for alpha financial performance. 

Reference Materials

What is an Index?

Understanding the basics of what is an index in the financial markets is highlighted in this short video. Indexes typically measure the performance of a basket of stocks intended to replicate a certain area of the market and are often used as benchmarks to evaluate an investment’s performance against.

The Profitability of
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Why ESG Investing is
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What is environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and what is accounting for the increasing number of funds being allocated to support ETFs that screen for these factors? This CNBC video shares the latest insights and trends in ESG investing and why you need to get on the sustainable investing bandwagon

Healthcare is
set to Outperform

Despite recent disruptions by the pandemic, Health Care sector earnings largely continue to do well. This article from Charles Schwab shares how solid fundamentals and attractive relative valuations support an outperform rating for the sector ... Read Full Article

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