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Routing Disclosures Made Pursuant to Rule 606 of SEC Regulation NMS
Rule 606 of SEC Regulation NMS requires broker-dealers receiving non-directed client orders to publicly disclose, on a quarterly basis, the top execution venues to which such orders are routed for execution. Broker-dealers also must disclose material aspects of the relationships they maintain with the identified execution venues. The Rule 606 statistics for Veracor Financial Incorporated are available for public review by clicking here.

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In respect of U.K. investors, certain Veracor entities, including Veracor International, have no place of business in the U.K. and are not authorized or regulated by the UK. The U.K. rules for the protection of retail clients and the U.K. Financial Services Compensation Scheme do not apply to such business. As against such entities, the regulatory regime governing an investor’s rights will be different to that of the U.K. Investors may, however, be entitled to similar protection in the jurisdiction in which the relevant entity is organized or resident.

Information on Reporting Errors and Canceling Certain Transfers Going Outside Of the U.S. (Remittance Transfers) Errors

If you believe there has been an error or problem with a wire transfer initiated by you from your U.S. based brokerage account to a recipient outside of the United States (a “remittance transfer”), please contact your Financial Advisor by calling or writing to the office that services your account. If you do not know how to reach the office that services your account, call (678) 579-0488.

Veracor Group LLC
1395 Brickell Ave. Suite 800
Miami, FL 33131

You must make contact, within 180 days of the date we promised to you that funds would be made available to the recipient.

When you contact your Financial Advisor or trust team, please tell him/her:

1. The error or problem with the transfer, and why you believe it is an error or problem;

2. The name of the person receiving the funds, and if you know it, his or her telephone number or address;

3. The dollar amount of the transfer; and

4. The confirmation code or number of the transaction.

We will determine whether an error occurred within 90 days after you contact your Financial Advisor or trust team and we will correct any error promptly. We will tell you the results within three business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of any documents we used in our investigation.


You have the right to cancel a remittance transfer and obtain a refund of all funds paid to us, including any fees.

In order to cancel, for a U.S. based brokerage account, you must contact your Financial Advisor within 30 minutes from the time you authorized the transfer. If you cannot reach your Financial Advisor, please call (678) 579-0488.

In order to cancel, for a Trust Management Account (“TMA”), you must contact your trust team within 30 minutes from the time you authorized the transfer. If you cannot reach your trust team, please call (678) 579-0488.

When you contact your Financial Advisor or trust team, you must provide him/her with information to help us identify the transfer you wish to cancel, including the amount and location where the funds were sent.

We will refund your money within three business days of your request to cancel a transfer as long as the funds have not already been picked up or deposited into a recipient’s account.

For questions or complaints about remittance transfers sent through Veracor, you may contact:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
855.729.2372 (TTY/TDD)